Wall Painting for NBA player CJ Watson: "Black Excellence" Las Vegas, NV June 2018

CJ wanted to fill his residence with representations of Black excellence. He chose all the images, a simple black and white format, and lines from Maya Angelou's poem, "Still I Rise":"Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,/ I am the dream and the hope of the slave./ I rise/ I rise/ I rise." 

Wall Paintings for NBA player Alan Anderson, Las Vegas, NV July 2018

This is the second wall painting for Alan Anderson. He wanted to fill the lounge area in his home with images of personal icons in what he imagined to be an altered (heavenly) state. He wanted it to be at once irreverent, funny, and transcendent. We used the theme of the garden to represent an Edenic place for his favorite entertainers who passed on. 


Spartan Mural for Alan Anderson, Las Vegas, NV,  August 2015

Alan requested a wall painting that would highlight the theme of the "Spartan"--a reference to his alma matter, Michigan State, and his status as a celebrated fighter on the basketball court.  I weaved in themes of his journey playing overseas (note the curious flags-turned ship, and the various playing numbers), and created an 18-foot painting reflective of his journey and fierce energy, and punctuated by scenes and symbols that he finds meaningful. 

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Commission for Two Barns Vermont, Chester, Vermont, 2018

The owners of Two Barns Vermont requested a painting that would reflect the historic barns, home, and landscape, with an emphasis on architecture. 

Brooklyn Legends at Bed-Vyne Cocktail, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, 2018

The owner of Bed-Vyne Cocktail requested a mural that paid homage to Brooklyn legends, specifically Bed-Stuy hip-hop artists like Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte, and Jay-Z. 

Storefront Design and Painting for Branch Ofc Brooklyn, NY. Completed July 2017

The owners requested a "pinball and cocktails theme" as a winged composition from the doorway.  The color scheme related to the colors in the bar's backyard, and the imagery loosely relates to the 1950s-style interior. 

Storefront Design and Painting for Froilan Café and Lounge.  Brooklyn, NY. Completed August, 2016

Designed signage for Froilan café in Bushwick using self-created font, and hand-painted the image on the metal storefront. 

Wall Painting for Branch Ofc,  Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Completed May, 2015

This wall painting/mural was created for a local Crown Heights bar, owned and operated by Chris and Kathryn Buckley (also of Clinton Hill's Hanson Dry). I was given free-reign to create as I pleased, and came up with a design that might be reflective of night-time magic, with a few references to the surrounding environment and the heart of Brooklyn. (that moon references a moon design from the old Luna Park at Coney Island).